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Do allow this access for now by executing:. If that works and ownCloud can write into it again then you probably need to find some one helping you to correct the SELinux rules like e. Those doesn't look like related to ownCloud. Your Data directory is not writable by ownCloud Server.

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Elwe April 4, , pm 1. Hi, Since a restore serveur Owncloud I have this message in the index page : Your Data directory is not writable by ownCloud Le problème de permissions peut généralement être résolu en donnant au serveur web un accès en écriture au répertoire racine I'm french, nobody is perfect! Thanks in advance. Hi, how did you change the data dir?

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Elwe April 4, , pm 3. Hi, Thanks for your awnser.

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No, I don't move the directory. Elwe April 4, , pm 5. The config.

Elwe April 5, , am 7. After chown it is the same thing MariaDB The log file is in the oc data directory, It doesn't update since the issu. I don't understand why my VM backup daosn't work Can you tell me how you installed ownCloud and how you exported and imported the vm?

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Maybe I would be able to recreate your setup and find the error. Elwe April 5, , am 9. Do allow this access for now by executing: ausearch -c 'httpd' --raw audit2allow -M my-httpd semodule -i my-httpd.

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Can you have a look in the owncloud. It should be in your data directory. Vérifiez que le proccessus du serveur web peut y accéder en écriture. Please make sure it is a directory writable by the Web server process.

Defaults to the 'extensions' directory under 'protected'. Hi man, make sure the folder runtime and assets are writtable on the server. Thx to all!

Hi fouss, Can you please explain what was wrong with your server? Hope some wise person answer our question. Worked for me.